Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Johnny Appleseed
I was 18 when I made “Straight To Hell” with Joe. I was broke, I was busted, I was in love with a total loser and I had no place to go in London and I called Joe. And him and his wife and his children took me in like I was, you know, their family.

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Cody Rocko


some notes about paul weller:

  • is not very good at running
  • has very cute teeth
  • dorky dancing
  • likes to put arms behind back
  • wears nice jumpers
  • is very beautiful
  • suits


in january 1973 there was a sale on coats dAMN im too late!!!

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wow cool dudes wow so cool the coolest


paul-simonon replied to your photo watchin’ my babin’ housemate.
is the snake gone now
No, it’s chilling in that tree, spying on all my neighbours.